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The *ME* Church series

Starting yesterday, my Pastor is putting the pause button on his series in the Psalms and taking a bit of a detour. The new series is entitled The *ME* Church and its’ focus will be on Christianity and what the Bible says a church should look like, teach and so forth.

The first part of the series (The *ME* Church Part 1) is taken from Mark 8:27-38 and was very well done (and I’m not just saying that because he’s my pastor). I invite everyone to keep up with the series every Sunday by visiting and clicking on the link to the media page. I think you’ll be challenged to study the scriptures a bit more seriously and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. The description for part 1 and links to the MP3, WMA and Podcast follow below as well.

If McDonalds’ one day dropped the ‘golden arches’ as its’ logo, stopped serving Big Macs and completely changed the way they do things – would they still be recognizable as McDonalds ? Similarly, many churches today have adopted worship, music and ministry practices that make the church no longer resemble the church for the sake of being ‘relevant’ and ‘relational’ to the culture. Pastor Arnold examines Jesus’ words in Mark 8 to show us what the church should look like.
Pastor Tony Arnold
Gaithersburg Community Church

Listen or Download the WMA file.
Listen or Download the MP3

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