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City of God Drops TODAY!!

The group that keeps cats in their Bibles is back and they are doctrinal as ever!

You’ve learned of The Mind of Christ.

You’ve joined the Reformation.

Now, CHRISTcentric returns with their third group project entitled City of God . This project provides a crystal-clear lyrically guided tour through both present and future realities for the believer as a citizen in God’s kingdom. Best of all, they’ve brought PLENTY friends along for the journey.

You’ll see the awesome power and strength of our God in His unstoppable plan for the church as Q-D.O.G. and Evangel deliver sound biblical teaching on ‘A Mighty Fortress’. You’ll bow before the throne of grace as Voice leads us in head-bobbin’ praise and worship to ‘Worthy is the Lamb’. Evangel will take you through a lyrical tour of God’s redeeming and keeping His people throughout time with ‘Redemptive History’. You’ll nod your head to The Gathering as Steve and Timothy Brindle, Ackdavis, Fundamental, Q-D.O.G., Voice, Apologist, Azriel and Evangel all bring the lyrical heat while pointing the listener to a time when all of the saints will gather as one to praise God and fellowship for eternity. Additional guest appearances include J-Nine and Roldan, OrthodoX, Optimus of Reformed Ordinance!

Q, Evangel and Apologist don’t just hit you with happy topics. The brothers dig in deep to the purpose of music in the church and what the mission of Holy Hip Hop should be with Didactic Music. Holy Hip Hop emcees – take note!

This and much more await you! 16 tracks – all fire (including a remix of ‘The Gathering’) – with production by the Apologist, David Amezaga and LOS 1 da Scientist, this CD is guaranteed to edify, encourage, challenge and stimulate your growth in Christ.

Did we mention this album was hot ?

The album drops TODAY December 5, 2006 !!!! COP IT!
Mind you, this is the official promo for the CD, but as someone who’s had a preview copy of the whole CD for several weeks, let me tell you – if you like good, solid holy hip hop with sound theology, you’ll LOVE this CD. The promo doesn’t even BEGIN to tell you how much stuff is covered on this CD.
Get it! No hesitation in giving this 5/5 stars.
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