Changes for 2007…..big year!

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Hey folks!

First and foremost, thanks for the prayers that have been going up for me and for this ministry.

Lots of things in store for 2007. Among them:
FIRST, the Thinking Biblically Commentary will be going weekly.  Every week, between Thursday evening and Saturday evening, I’ll be posting a new TBC.  This week’s TBC is titled “Happy New Year – So What ?”.  Lord willing, it’ll be posted on Saturday.

SECOND, look for more articles here (on the main page) and over in the Study Center. I’ve been doing a lot of writing over on message boards, but the time has come for me to once again focus on the ministry entrusted to me with this site.  So look for me to fill up with stuff I’ve already written.

THIRD, the book project on the Word of Faith will get some feet this year. I’m already talking to a few folks….and you’ll get more info when things are solid. :)  Keep that in prayer. I plan to make this a bit of exegetical discussion, understanding the WoF hermeneutic/worldview and how to lovingly approach someone who’s been indoctrinated by this pseudogospel.

FOURTH, I’m writing and producing for my CD. Plans for 8611: Definition of a Christian Life are finally solid. I just need to spend a few hours with my executive producer and the other folks doing some of the music for my CD and put the finishing touches on some things.  Prayerfully, 8611 will bless folks, introduce them to sound teaching on various areas of the Christian life and point them to sound biblical truth.

FIFTH, two possible conferences on the horizon.  One idea is going to be pitched on the 20th of this month to some folks that I’ll be hooked up with.  The other is in the planning stages for a good friend’s church. It’ll be on apologetics and basic theology.  So keep that too in prayer.

SIXTH, Christian Soul Food will go back to daily distrubition starting next week on January 8, 2007 featuring myself, Bro. Redeemed and other good Christian writers.

In addition, there’s always travel….. and I may be at the Ligonier Conference in March. 🙂

Well, that’s the basics. There’s more, but I’ll let everyone be surprised. 🙂

Soli Deo Gloria,

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