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YouTube. Trinity. Episode 2.

BlackCalvinist/ May 28, 2007/ Video/ 2 comments

Long awaited Episode 2 on the Holy Trinity. Took forever, but it’s done. Off to catch up on other stuff.  You’ll like this one because I spend time on the Attributes of God.  They become a good basis for what we’ll dig into in the next episode.

Outreach, work, and upcoming podcasts/video….

BlackCalvinist/ May 6, 2007/ New Stuff, Quick News/ 0 comments

Hey folks, Short update.  Yesterday, myself, clayfilms (Yolanda) her brother Jason (Jason718) and Jolene (savedbygracealone) [you might know some of them just from trekking around the internet and seeing their names on message boards] were on the corner of Saratoga and Eutaw St. in downtown B-more…. witnessing, talking with folks, handing out tracts, sharing the gospel. Pray for the city. 

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