Alive and kicking….and the Pleasures of God

BlackCalvinist/ January 21, 2008/ Edification and Growth, Quick News/ 1 comments

Hi folks,

Short update. It’s been a bit silent here on the front page, but I’ve got some things cooking. Grad school has been eating up my time like crazy, but I’ll live.

In the meantime, I’d like to commend John Piper’s series on The Pleasures of God to you for your listening. I’m currently listening to The Pleasures of God in His Son and it’s an excellent, God-centered sermon on the highest thing or Person in God’s affections and what effect that should have on the Christian. Of course, I’m not doing it justice – read it or listen to it here:

On another note:

So what does the doctrine of Total Depravity have to do with every day life for the believer ?

Coming soon.

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  1. Brother,

    I’ve been wondering about you lately. Haven’t seen you around in #pros for a while now.

    I hope you are well.


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