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Well, what can I say ? T4G 08′ was more than a blast. It was spiritually refreshing to be in the presence of so many like-minded brethren. If you could’ve been there and seen/heard all the ‘mini-t4g’ discussions going on, you’d have been extremely encouraged. The fellowship – people just running into each other and firing up a conversation – made the whole thing more than worth it.

The quality as well as quantity of books…..calling them ‘remarkably excellent’ does them a great injustice. The speakers were all excellent.  I loved the clarity that Al Mohler and Mark Dever brought to gospel issues in both of their talks. I love the fact that Thabiti got the chance to challenge the other brethren in the room to change their concept of ‘race’.  I love the fact that MacArthur brought Biblical truth home once again.  C.J. Mahaney’s talk has implications not just for the pastors it was directed at, but those whose who aren’t pastors, but aspire to meet the qualifications. John Piper once again showed us how radical Christian sacrifice grows out of a passion for God.  R.C. Sproul was in rare form – probably the BEST talk I’ve ever seen him give….and on top of it, I greatly appreciated the fact that he didn’t simply take for granted that everyone in the room was a believer.  He stated that he feared that MANY of those in attendance were STILL under the curse of God and called for their repentance.   That’s something you won’t hear very often in a non-reformed atmosphere…especially where everyone is always happy-clappy and non-discerning.  Lig Duncan rightly started off the conference showing us the relationship of sound doctrine to sound living.

And best of all, for those who couldn’t make it, they’ve made all of the messages FREE online to everyone.

But the messages are only half of the experience of being there. So…I’ve caught about 2 hours worth of clips and highlights from my experience there on tape. I’ll be editing and uploading clips periodically over the next few weeks onto my YouTube channel. Be on the lookout.

Here’s a teaser from the end of day 2:

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