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More Fourth Friday Messages and….The Gathering!

The April and May messages (on Adoption and Justification) at FFF here in Baltimore are up for  your edification. Drop through the website and check them out!

In addition, last month over on HCR, a new show has added to the rotation on HCR: The Gathering! Hosted by myself, Will (the apologist from Christcentric) and with a rotating line up of folks, we discuss issues important to the Christian faith. In episode #1, we tackle the issue of what the gospel is. Check us out here:

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  1. Good News!…

    Firstly, the writing break is officially over! (cue fireworks…). Brothers Joe and Daniel, expect my drafts for tomorrow God willing. It has been a struggle to say the least, but at least it is out there…well almost! Be sure to look out for…

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