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Quiet as kept….TCDC turned 14 on the 19th.

I don’t make a huge fuss about it, but my foray onto having a permanent web presence for Christian apologetics began the weekend of January 19th and 20th, 1996.  I drew a lot of my inspiration from both the ICLnet archives and Glenn Miller’s Christian Thinktank on how I was going to do things.  Of course, the site originally went up as ‘W.I.T.N.E.S.S. Ministries’ (Witnessing Informational Teaching Nationwide Evangelism Saving Souls).   The ‘lead’ article on there was a bit I wrote out called ‘Christianity – A Relationship!’.  The earliest version I’ve been able to find online is from December of 2000, although I probably have a Zip Disk around here with an old version dating back almost to 96-97.   While reading, keep in mind I used to be a dispensationalist-trichotomist-4-and-a-half-point-Calvinist-leaning kinda guy. 🙂

Over the past 16 years (my foray into internet apologetics began in January of 94 with AOL chat rooms), I’ve been through some interesting experiences and met a host of people online. I’ve had embarrassing arguments (mostly where I’ve lost my temper and unloaded on folks) and I’ve got shining moments of grace and graciousness where all parties involved in discussion were edified. I’ve seen folk come to faith, I’ve seen folk walk away from the faith who were once considered strong defenders of it.  I’ve gotten a little recognition here and there and found out (after the fact) that a lot of people (despite the feedburner number) do read my blog (i.e. two random 20-something guys in an SUV back at T4G 2006 hollared at me “hey! You’re Black Calvinist! We read your blog!).

Wouldn’t trade it all for the world. God has been gracious in shaping me into the person I am now and is currently working to complete my sanctification.  I understand more now than a few years ago (thank you Tony Arnold, thank you Dr. VanGemeren) about the path of wisdom.

Would I change some things I’ve said and done if I could go back in time ? Probably.  But one set of arguments, if changed, would probably not have me married to the wonderful woman sitting across from me grading papers as I type this (I’m supposed to be grading too. Still dealing with procrastination….).  This is another reason why I’m a Calvinist – the scriptures declare that God ‘works all things according to His will’ (Eph. 1:11), ‘works all things for good to those who love [Him]; to those who are called according to His purpose’ (Romans 8:28) and that even the evil (Genesis 45:4-9, 50:20) that comes upon us is ultimately in the control of God.  We don’t suffer one moment more or one iota of pain more than God decrees it will be. The enemy of our souls can do no more than God tells him he can do (Job 1-3).

All that to say, I’m grateful. Very. For the opportunity to host and post through this site, for the people I’ve met and come in contact with….for everything.  Lord willing, this site will be up for a bit longer 😉 (maybe a few decades).

14 years. 🙂 Cool.

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