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New site design, new video and more ‘new’ coming.

TCDC’s main design hasn’t been updated since 2004-5 (maybe 2006) when I moved from b2evolution to WordPress. I was a little (okay, a LOT) overdue.  Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a minimalist – less clutter, slimmer look, etc….hence, the current design.

It’s dark on purpose. Your eyes get ‘screamed at’ by pages with tons of light colors (white, yellow, light blue and green especially). I made this darker on purpose so your eyes could rest a bit while reading.

I been meaning to have a Facebook link, twitter, and some more stuff. Now I do. 🙂

I’m carefully planning out the next few blogposts. They’ll be coming soon.  I have a few videos up, in the meantime.

Anyway, you know the routine – stay tuned. Spring break is coming soon and I plan on getting 2-3 good posts in before I go back to the dredge of work in preparation for band festival, spring concert, musical, choral festival and everything else I need to get done.

And I have to be up for church in a few hours….sleep time.

Meanwhile, here’s 10 thoughts on Whitney Houston’s Funeral.


Oh, and pardon all of the question marks. I’ll add ‘images’ to the featured articles and most viewed articles as needed. 🙂


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