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Been a while….

There are these interesting ‘life periods’ where I have to semi-disappear from things and people in order to focus on things that matter. Apparently, the time period between 2012 and now seems to be one of those times.  Career has picked up tremendously and I’ve actually had my most successful year as a band director in my entire 13 years of public school teaching (and 20+ of involvement with band). I’m composing as well and moving to get my publishing company off the ground as well….so I’ve been rather busy. My wife also had a bad accident with her ankle, so all of those other  things I just mentioned are getting squeezed in around the edges of me taking care of my wife.

I’ve got most articles in draft mode.  Part III of the Sovereignty of God/Introduction to Reformed Theology is just about done.  As is Jesus Memes and Mirrors, addressing a meme that I saw making its’ way around FB (there’s been a lot of those recently).  The latter will probably be completed before the former.  On purpose. Probably this weekend.

Twitter is somewhat active  (@BlackCalvinist).

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