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Episode 4 – It’s HERE!

Episode 4 – Recorded 11/23/23, Released 12/10/23

We’re doing a bit of quick commentary and handling some Q&A issues.

3:40 – Three worlds of evangelicalism and some of CN’s foundations discussed.
10:17 – “Mean Christians” and “Theobros” versus what scripture actually says Christians should be online.
27:56 – Q & A Begins

  • Deconstruction Question
  • Why Do We Have To Believe In Inerrancy and Inspiration
  • A Reddit question from a tender-hearted brother in the Lord

Episode 5 will resume “”And the whole world…VIEW” part III. As usual, 802-870-TCDC (8232). Drop off a question, leave a comment or if you prefer e-mail:

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