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Very COOL Announcement Coming Soon….

BlackCalvinist/ May 9, 2015/ Personal, Quick News

With several posts sitting in draft mode for three years, a few dozen Facebook exchanges and discussions saved as screen shots for later discussion and analysis and *ahem* other work going on (and this is all outside of regular LIFE….which is busy enough on its’ own, since I’m in grad school again and self-publishing my compositions), wouldn’t a recent ministry-related

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Quiet as kept….TCDC turned 14 on the 19th.

BlackCalvinist/ January 23, 2010/ Personal/ 0 comments

I don’t make a huge fuss about it, but my foray onto having a permanent web presence for Christian apologetics began the weekend of January 19th and 20th, 1996.  I drew a lot of my inspiration from both the ICLnet archives and Glenn Miller’s Christian Thinktank on how I was going to do things.  Of course, the site originally went

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See you at T4G…..

BlackCalvinist/ April 13, 2008/ Personal/ 0 comments

I’ll be there. :)  Leaving home around 11pm-2am to make the nice 9 hour drive down to Kentucky.  Sunrise should catch me at the West Virgina-Kentucky Border, I think. Pray for a safe drive for me – going and coming back home. In addition, for those who don’t know, I twisted my hair about a year ago….so I’ve got dreads

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