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Quick ministry news from Kerry.

Oh, I’m alive. :)

BlackCalvinist/ May 26, 2009/ Quick News/ 0 comments

Just a quick note to let you know I’m alive.  🙂 There’s a few things I have in the works including several new blogposts…. so…. just waiting to get this week done with (concert, concert, collecting money for fundraiser, planning trip, etc…..planning for marriage, bills, moving, etc….). Stay tuned. :)  HUGE major announcement in the coming days.

A Bit o’ Thanks, A Bit o’ Prayer

BlackCalvinist/ March 16, 2009/ Quick News/ 0 comments

Hey folks…. I know posts and new articles have been scarce as of late, but work (my secular job) has REALLY picked up.  Alongside of preparation for marriage, it’s left me precious little additional time for anything else. I’d like to say thanks to all the folk who’ve been wishing me and my fianceé well.  God is good in that

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A Reminder and a Rant… black and white.

BlackCalvinist/ January 20, 2009/ Quick News/ 0 comments

First, a reminder: The same God who ordained (not ‘permitted’) that Clinton get 8 years & Bush get 8 years has now put Obama in that spot. (Prov. 16:33, 21:1, Dan. 4:34-35). For those wondering, here’s the implication: pray for the welfare of the nation and the president, just as you would if the candidate you wanted to get in

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The Gathering | The Real Christmas

BlackCalvinist/ December 22, 2008/ Quick News/ 0 comments

What’s Christmas all about ? The brothers of the Gathering sit down and have a discussion on the incarnation and the implications of it for worship and daily living. Have your Bibles open and ready so you can take notes! Download it now: Christcentric’s website