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ME church part 5 – Sealed by the Holy Spirit

BlackCalvinist/ August 14, 2006/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

Me Church (Part 5): Sealed By the Holy Spirit Part of the The ME Church series. Like a long-lost relative gaining an inheritance of untold value and getting an immediate downpayment, believers should be excited about the work of the Holy Spirit in placing His seal upon believers as a downpayment of their inheritance from God the Father. Pastor Arnold

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A few words from the good Dr. Spurgeon

BlackCalvinist/ August 8, 2006/ Edification and Growth/ 1 comments

Courtesy of TeamPyro: henever I look abroad on the aggregate assemblies of religious people, I am obliged to hold a large number of my hearers in supreme contempt. Are you not one day crowding to hear me preach what I think the truth, and another day cramming a place where a man is preaching the very opposite to what I

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