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New stuff on the site! Check it out!

New site design, new video and more ‘new’ coming.

BlackCalvinist/ March 18, 2012/ New Stuff, Video

TCDC’s main design hasn’t been updated since 2004-5 (maybe 2006) when I moved from b2evolution to WordPress. I was a little (okay, a LOT) overdue.  Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a minimalist – less clutter, slimmer look, etc….hence, the current design. It’s dark on purpose. Your eyes get ‘screamed at’ by pages with tons of light colors (white,

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Militant Atheism Abandoned and ‘Uhhh..DUH. It Didn’t Work.’

BlackCalvinist/ August 14, 2010/ New Stuff, Quick News, Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs)/ 0 comments

First: Peter Hitchens responds to his brother, Christopher: Second: “Whaddaya mean it’s not working ? But the market research/Barna/Hybels  said….” Oh yes, it’s true. Your attempts at seeker sensitive youth group with the fun, hip and relevant youth pastor have FAILED.  Reformed folk told you a while ago….PREACH THE GOSPEL AND TEACH YOUR KIDS SOUND DOCTRINE. That’s what

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Q&A Time

BlackCalvinist/ July 10, 2010/ Got Questions ?, New Stuff/ 1 comments

Hey folks! 🙂 I’ll be doing an extended Q&A session over the next few months related to apologetics and theology. So all you folks with questions on different aspects of Christianity (theology, morals and ethics, apparent bible contradictions, logic, etc…)… feel free to drop them off here: . No questions’ ‘too hard’. :)  Truth isn’t afraid of questions. The

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New stuff cookin’…..

BlackCalvinist/ February 19, 2010/ New Stuff/ 0 comments

Site’s getting an overhaul soon.  I’m probably going to merge the Study Center in with the main blog and call it a night, since WP does everything I need anyway.  In addition, I’ll be adding new sections.  A LOT of new sections to the site. A little warning.  🙂

Join the Sanctuary! Let’s chat….

BlackCalvinist/ December 15, 2007/ New Stuff/ 0 comments

Well, it’s not exactly *new* but it would be to you if you didn’t post there before. Feel free to drop in and join our very PEACEFUL discussion board – The Sanctuary. It’s a part of the Study Center. Fellowship, act silly, encourage oneanother, share, and learn. Need a direct link ? All you had to do was ask. The

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If You’re Reading This….

BlackCalvinist/ September 23, 2007/ New Stuff/ 0 comments

Hi! Welcome to Theologically Correct dot Com! If you’re reading this, then they’ve moved my domain name to point to the new server. 🙂 Yay! If you registered for this site (the page you’re looking at now, not the Study Center) between July 12th and now, you’ll have to re-register. I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you, but

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