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Okay, here’s the announcement….The Gathering is BACK.

BlackCalvinist/ May 10, 2015/ Edification and Growth, The Gathering Podcast

A FEW WEEKS. lol  The Gathering is returning after a four year hiatus. 🙂 Will aka The Apologist had myself, Frank, Mike and Carlos over to Christcentric studios last night to record the newest episode of The Gathering. We talked about Spiritual Gifts (specifically the sign gifts – tongues, prophecy and healing).  You can get a minute and a half sneak-peek

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Food Choices, Church Choices and Their Effect on Your Body

BlackCalvinist/ August 9, 2010/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

I’ve been threatening, gathering, pondering and chunk writing portions of a new series (which, at this rate, will end up as a book) on reasons to leave your current ‘not-heretical-but-not-really-deep-theologically’ church for one that is. My friends and my own life experiences are continually giving me new source material to write and use as illustrations. So you’re at a church

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CSF: The Fruit of Affliction – One

BlackCalvinist/ January 14, 2010/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

From John Piper’s book The Hidden Smile of God: The afflictions of John Bunyan gave us The Pilgrim’s Progress. The afflictions of William Cowper gave us “ThereIs a Fountain Filled with Blood” and “God Moves in a Mysterious Way.” And the afflictions of David Brainerd gave us a published Diarythat has mobilized more missionaries than any other similar work. The

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Re-Post: Happy New Year – So What ? From Jan. of 07

BlackCalvinist/ January 1, 2010/ Edification and Growth, TBC Podcast, Thinking Biblically Commentary/ 0 comments

I dug through the archives and decided to pull out this gem of a post.  I found it encouraging to myself and a bit convicting.  Hope it helps you along too. Podcast download: (9:23) Thinking Biblically Commentary – January 4, 2006 K. Joel Gilliard Every year on December 31, great festivals and celebrations around the world are held to ring

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The Manhattan Declaration: Why you should NOT sign it.

BlackCalvinist/ December 9, 2009/ Edification and Growth, Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs)/ 1 comments

Sproul: MacArthur: Dan Phillips: Between these three, I believe the issue is pretty clear. While I understand why Dr. Mohler signed it, I think his choosing to do so was a bit short-sighted….especially since he has stated that his signing it did NOT imply that he believed that Rome’s gospel and the gospel as found in scripture

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TBC Special Commentary: What if (Fill in the blank) Loses ?

BlackCalvinist/ October 10, 2008/ Edification and Growth, Featured Articles, Thinking Biblically Commentary/ 5 comments

Lot of talk in the US on the upcoming election. McCain vs. Obama. Historic moment either way – first woman VP or first African-American president. Being black, I sit back and listen at how folks in my ethnic community feel about Obama, McCain and a lot more. Being reformed, I sit back and listen to how folks in my spiritual

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[CSF] God the All-Seeing One – 3

BlackCalvinist/ April 3, 2008/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

With a little of the previous post and more added on, here’s Dr. Spurgeon again: God knows the burial-places of all his people. He notes as well the resting-place of the man who is buried tombless and alone, as the man over whom a mighty mausoleum has been raised. The traveler who fell in the barren desert, whose body became

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Announcing: Fourth Friday Fundamentals!

BlackCalvinist/ February 18, 2008/ Edification and Growth, Quick News/ 0 comments

Blending Christ-centered lyrics and rhyme schemes, expositional preaching, sound Biblical doctrine and fellowship among the saints,  a few dedicated brothers have banded together to bring Fourth Friday Fundamentals to the Baltimore area.  The site is available at Roughly patterned after First Friday Fundamentals (sponsored by Epiphany Fellowship in Philly), FFF stresses four things: 1. The Holiness of God 2.

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