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Still moving…..

BlackCalvinist/ January 3, 2011/ Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs), Video/ 0 comments

Happy New Year! Still moving things on the site.  Grad school and work have taken up a huge chunk of my time. In the meantime, most of my new posts will be located over at LDM – There’s currently a post up on relationships, dating and scripture. Carblogging Episode 3 is up.  Enjoy.

Clark Pinnock 1937-2010

BlackCalvinist/ August 18, 2010/ Quick News, Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs)/ 0 comments I’ve had a few random clashes over the past few years with Open Theists.  I pray that Clark Pinnock (who from many accounts was a really nice guy) was internally inconsistent with what he wrote and published. Justin Taylor’s biography of him over at B2W mentions the following: He then went on to teach at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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Militant Atheism Abandoned and ‘Uhhh..DUH. It Didn’t Work.’

BlackCalvinist/ August 14, 2010/ New Stuff, Quick News, Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs)/ 0 comments

First: Peter Hitchens responds to his brother, Christopher: Second: “Whaddaya mean it’s not working ? But the market research/Barna/Hybels  said….” Oh yes, it’s true. Your attempts at seeker sensitive youth group with the fun, hip and relevant youth pastor have FAILED.  Reformed folk told you a while ago….PREACH THE GOSPEL AND TEACH YOUR KIDS SOUND DOCTRINE. That’s what

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The Manhattan Declaration: Why you should NOT sign it.

BlackCalvinist/ December 9, 2009/ Edification and Growth, Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs)/ 1 comments

Sproul: MacArthur: Dan Phillips: Between these three, I believe the issue is pretty clear. While I understand why Dr. Mohler signed it, I think his choosing to do so was a bit short-sighted….especially since he has stated that his signing it did NOT imply that he believed that Rome’s gospel and the gospel as found in scripture

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The Manhattan Declaration….would you sign it ?

BlackCalvinist/ December 1, 2009/ Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs)/ 0 comments

Two very well respected men (Al Mohler and John MacArthur) have come down on opposite sides of the fence on the issue of the Manhanttan Declaration. For those hiding under a rock, read it here: The document calls for cultural co-beligerency between Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants to deal with three major social ills that are symptomatic of our present

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