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Reformed Theology: Presented, Defined and Defended – Part I (Introduction)

BlackCalvinist/ July 19, 2011/ Featured Articles/ 2 comments

Over the years, the same questions on reformed theology keep coming up – including, but not limited to questions on the warning passages (which I’ve covered already in posts 121 and 135), a few historical questions (i.e. did John Calvin burn Servetus at the stake and use green wood to make it last longer, Jonathan Edwards was a slave owner

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So the summer’s here.

BlackCalvinist/ July 7, 2011/ Quick News/ 0 comments

As usual, during the summer, my writing tends to pick up….not so much this year. Lots of personal moves and things going on, so I’m not writing as much.  But I do have plans for TCDC.  I have a few more videos in the pipeline (most of them already recorded – just need to edit them). Other than that, time

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