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Quick ministry news from Kerry.

We Moved. Here’s What’s Next…..

BlackCalvinist/ March 31, 2016/ Quick News/ 0 comments

Update: Yes, it’s January 2017.  Work has been eating time.  This plan still moves forward….. Okay, one of my domain names has been transferred over here to the new site (yes, those of you using the shorter URL, you’re hitting the new site now). I’ll be updating the rest of them shortly – primarily, as soon as I get

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Very COOL Announcement Coming Soon….

BlackCalvinist/ May 9, 2015/ Personal, Quick News

With several posts sitting in draft mode for three years, a few dozen Facebook exchanges and discussions saved as screen shots for later discussion and analysis and *ahem* other work going on (and this is all outside of regular LIFE….which is busy enough on its’ own, since I’m in grad school again and self-publishing my compositions), wouldn’t a recent ministry-related

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Been a while….

BlackCalvinist/ May 14, 2014/ Quick News

There are these interesting ‘life periods’ where I have to semi-disappear from things and people in order to focus on things that matter. Apparently, the time period between 2012 and now seems to be one of those times.  Career has picked up tremendously and I’ve actually had my most successful year as a band director in my entire 13 years

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A few blog thoughts…..

BlackCalvinist/ October 31, 2011/ Quick News/ 0 comments

I blogged a few days back on my personal blog about the current lack of time I’m dealing with and how it’s made me a bit disappointed in the amount of work I’ve NOT been able to put in on LDM and TCDC. On Saturday (the day before my birthday), Tim Challies blogged about his consistent blogging streak – 8

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So the summer’s here.

BlackCalvinist/ July 7, 2011/ Quick News/ 0 comments

As usual, during the summer, my writing tends to pick up….not so much this year. Lots of personal moves and things going on, so I’m not writing as much.  But I do have plans for TCDC.  I have a few more videos in the pipeline (most of them already recorded – just need to edit them). Other than that, time

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Okay, it’s official….site moving.

BlackCalvinist/ October 9, 2010/ Quick News/ 0 comments

Been busy since work started back up (as you can tell by the scarcity of posts). It’s been a good 10-year run with CrossSpot/OSM Networks. Love em’, but feature-wise, there’s not enough going on with them, so I’m going to move this site to my main server around November 2, 3 or 4th (whatever day election day is).   Yes,

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Clark Pinnock 1937-2010

BlackCalvinist/ August 18, 2010/ Quick News, Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs)/ 0 comments I’ve had a few random clashes over the past few years with Open Theists.  I pray that Clark Pinnock (who from many accounts was a really nice guy) was internally inconsistent with what he wrote and published. Justin Taylor’s biography of him over at B2W mentions the following: He then went on to teach at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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Militant Atheism Abandoned and ‘Uhhh..DUH. It Didn’t Work.’

BlackCalvinist/ August 14, 2010/ New Stuff, Quick News, Reading (Books, Articles, Blogs)/ 0 comments

First: Peter Hitchens responds to his brother, Christopher: Second: “Whaddaya mean it’s not working ? But the market research/Barna/Hybels  said….” Oh yes, it’s true. Your attempts at seeker sensitive youth group with the fun, hip and relevant youth pastor have FAILED.  Reformed folk told you a while ago….PREACH THE GOSPEL AND TEACH YOUR KIDS SOUND DOCTRINE. That’s what

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BlackCalvinist/ January 16, 2010/ Quick News/ 0 comments

Pat Robertson is an idiot. He might be a Christian, but he’s an idiot.  I’m glad Keith Olbermann verbally ripped him and Limbaugh to shreds.  He’s a horrid representation of Christianity and a blight. His words have done more harm to the cause of Christ than good, to be totally honest.  This includes his string of failed prophecies. That said….

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