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A simple message…..

BlackCalvinist/ November 22, 2007/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

Be thankful. Specifically….be thankful to GOD. Be thankful that you are single and not dealing with a mate who defies you and disagrees with you on every question and turn. Be thankful you are married and not single, so you have a partner to go through life with. Be thankful that you don’t have a lot of things so that

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Oh yeah, HHI Episode I was out….

BlackCalvinist/ November 11, 2007/ Video/ 0 comments

….and had been out for a while now…..but we’ve pulled the link from YouTube. It’s the last HHI video we’ll be making – at least like this.  In the future, we’re changing our approach – even though we got plenty of good feedback from a lot of folks (THANKS!), a few folks have counseled us that in wisdom, we should

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