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The Bible….written for Christians!

BlackCalvinist/ July 25, 2006/ Quick News/ 0 comments

We always tend to forge tthat every New Testament letter was written to Christians and not to non-Christians; and the appeals in terms of ethics in every Epistle are always addressed only to those who are believers, to those who are new men and women in Christ Jesus. This Sermon on the Mount is exactly the same. – Studies in

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Doctrine First.

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Now that is obvious in any one of the Epistles, and it is equally obvious here. Take any Epistles you like. You will find that the subdivision in each one of them is the same; always doctrine first, then deductions from doctrine. The great principles are laid down and a description is given of the Christians to whom the letter

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The *ME* Church series

BlackCalvinist/ July 17, 2006/ Edification and Growth, Quick News/ 0 comments

Starting yesterday, my Pastor is putting the pause button on his series in the Psalms and taking a bit of a detour. The new series is entitled The *ME* Church and its’ focus will be on Christianity and what the Bible says a church should look like, teach and so forth. The first part of the series (The *ME* Church

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Practical Predestination ? (yes, it’s practical!)

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I’m crossposting this on my blog and on Christian SOUL Food, but it’s a good post. Practical Predestination? by Octavius Winslow There are no guesses, conjectures, or contingencies with God as to the future. Not only does He know all, but He has fixed, appointed, and ordered “all things after the counsel of his own will.” It would seem impossible

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What Is True Discipleship ? (short answer)

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What Is True Discipleship ? 1. Denial of self in order to follow Christ (Luke 9:23-26). Picking up one’s cross and denying oneself and following Christ is not stage 2 Christianity, it’s stage ONE Christianity. Too many churches today mangle the great commission and instead of seeking to make disciples, they only seek to make converts, with optional discipleship. But

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The Word of God is Utterly Unique….

BlackCalvinist/ July 10, 2006/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

Transcribed from a sermon by Dan Phillips of Soaring Oaks Presbyterian in California: I think that some things are unique by a thin margin and some things are unique by a large margin. The Bible is unique by a broad margin. There is NOTHING like it. There is no other ‘word of God’ in writing other than the Bible. It

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Real Independence and Freedom….

BlackCalvinist/ July 4, 2006/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

Happy Independence Day, folks! I thought a good post on the believer’s liberation from SIN would be appropriate today.  Here’s the latest from Christian Soul Food that I sent out today. Be blessed.   Eat a few hamburgers for me. “The first effect of the power of God in the heart in regeneration, is to give the heart a divine

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