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Apologetics: Loaded Questions and Unproven Assumptions

BlackCalvinist/ July 27, 2012/ Featured Articles

A bit of an expansion to one of my recent Facebook posts regarding the whole Chic-Fil-A/Dan Cathy’s statement issue (for those living under a rock, read here: and here: ). “Why are you discriminating against gays ?” “Why do you hate women and don’t want them to exercise their right to choice ?” These are loaded questions. “When will you

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Bible Interpretation Basics: What are you reading ?

BlackCalvinist/ January 25, 2012/ Featured Articles, Thinking Biblically Commentary

Scripture was written in different genres. Most people miss this fact when they approach it, which is why some of them have such a hard time trying to understand what scripture is teaching or attempting to communicate at different places. That is to say, there are some parts that are written as instructional literature (Leviticus, Colossians) where step-by-step directions were given,

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Church Membership and Excommunication

BlackCalvinist/ November 6, 2011/ Featured Articles

So this scan of an excommunication letter has been making its’ way around the internet for the past few days (literally – gone viral in 24-48 hours). What’s interesting is the responses I’ve read to it. Having been close to most of my pastors in my life, this letter isn’t a big shock to me – but apparently, even to

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John 15:8-16:4, Suffering and Falling Away

BlackCalvinist/ November 5, 2011/ Featured Articles/ 0 comments

A few weeks back while prepping to teach alongside Mike (Expositor) at Fourth Friday Fundamentals, this passage rocked me a bit (in a good way): 18 “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. 19 If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world,

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Reformed Theology: Presented, Defined and Defended – Part I (Introduction)

BlackCalvinist/ July 19, 2011/ Featured Articles/ 2 comments

Over the years, the same questions on reformed theology keep coming up – including, but not limited to questions on the warning passages (which I’ve covered already in posts 121 and 135), a few historical questions (i.e. did John Calvin burn Servetus at the stake and use green wood to make it last longer, Jonathan Edwards was a slave owner

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Making Sense of the Warning Passages Part 1 of 2: Understanding the Covenantal Structure of Scripture

BlackCalvinist/ October 25, 2009/ Featured Articles/ 8 comments

Oh, I’ve been writing….most of my time has been eaten up at a message board.  I wrote some pretty long posts there.  This is one of them. – KJG Some of the frequent difficulties that people run across in the discussions on reformed theology versus just about everything else (specifically dispensational theology) involves who are the rightful members of the

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