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Calvinism on the Couch: Episode 1 – The Holy Trinity is now up on YouTube. Expect much more soon. 🙂 Episode 2 is almost complete. Be blessed.

The Holy Trinity: What Should We Believe About God ? – Episode 1

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I’m currently presenting a webcast version of this same material for YouTube. In the meanwhile, here’s the print version. Why study the doctrine of the Trinity ? Real simple – we begin with the doctrine of God because the scriptures begin with the doctrine of the God – “In the beginning God….”, so if we are to understand creation, salvation,

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Short note….

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Study Center’s temporarily offline while I update it. Long overdue. (I can also get rid of the spam that way too)

New Series: The Holy Trinity: How Should We Rightly Think About God ?

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Sup folks! It’s March and I’m just pulling myself back up out of the places I’ve been buried and hiding. Starting on Monday, I’ll be posting (in segments) part one of a current Bible Study I’m teaching to a parachurch group I’m associated with (Sound the Alarm Ministries).  The lead organizer of the group has myself and my good friend

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