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Getting ready to reload….

BlackCalvinist/ February 17, 2007/ Quick News/ 0 comments

Well folks, it’s been a trying few months.  Between personal life, professional life, education and all, it’s been a heavy time for me.  But praise God for His mercy, grace and goodness.  I’m persevering – sometimes barely – but I’m here. The TBCs will pick back up shortly. And I have quite a few feature articles I need to get

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Funeral Details for my grandmother….

BlackCalvinist/ February 9, 2007/ Quick News/ 0 comments

Just made a short blogpost with details for the funeral. blogs/index.php/2007/02/09/p395 Keep me and the rest of my family in prayer. This is one of the few moments that most of them have been gathered/will be gathered in the same place….. so more importantly than mourning grandma…. how about a little gospel message ?

No, I haven’t gone AWOL.

BlackCalvinist/ February 6, 2007/ Quick News/ 0 comments

My grandmother passed on Saturday, so I’m a week off from work, catching up on things, getting the obituary ready and a host of other things.  It’s been busy and stressful.  Keep me and my family in prayer. I’ll be returning with your regularly scheduled TBC’s shortly. KJG