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T4G08 – Video – Part 1: Bookstore

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I’m starting to edit that 2 hours of video I’ve got. 🙂 Everything gets better as all of the clips go on. Here’s the first one…. including someone you may know….. 😀 Part 2 is coming soon…. featuring…well, you’ll see at the end. Be blessed.

Home and editing video….

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Well, what can I say ? T4G 08′ was more than a blast. It was spiritually refreshing to be in the presence of so many like-minded brethren. If you could’ve been there and seen/heard all the ‘mini-t4g’ discussions going on, you’d have been extremely encouraged. The fellowship – people just running into each other and firing up a conversation –

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T4G Video Challenge on YouTube

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Well, not really a ‘challenge’ per se…but since the Tube has become MUCH bigger since the first T4G back in 06, I figured a few of those planning on making the trip might as well use all this technology for something…. Here’s my intro video.  If you’re planning on heading to T4G, leave a response video on YouTube. 

See you at T4G…..

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I’ll be there. :)  Leaving home around 11pm-2am to make the nice 9 hour drive down to Kentucky.  Sunrise should catch me at the West Virgina-Kentucky Border, I think. Pray for a safe drive for me – going and coming back home. In addition, for those who don’t know, I twisted my hair about a year ago….so I’ve got dreads

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[CSF] God the All-Seeing One – 3

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With a little of the previous post and more added on, here’s Dr. Spurgeon again: God knows the burial-places of all his people. He notes as well the resting-place of the man who is buried tombless and alone, as the man over whom a mighty mausoleum has been raised. The traveler who fell in the barren desert, whose body became

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