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Ever Ask Why ?

BlackCalvinist/ July 23, 2007/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

WHY? “Why was I made to hear Your voice And enter while there’s room, When thousands make a wretched choice And rather starve than come? It was the same love that spread the feast That sweetly forced me in. Else I had still refused to taste, And perished in my sin” –Isaac Watts ———————————————————————— Every day, thousands – millions of

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My Eyes

BlackCalvinist/ July 20, 2007/ Edification and Growth/ 0 comments

I learned something last night. Be careful with where you cast your eyes. Prov. 31:3 It doesn’t have to be explicitly sexual thoughts that can feed your lust. In surfing facebook last night as well as during my time out and about today, I’ve come to notice more about my own personal tendency to appreciate the outward physical beauty of

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How Do You Study ?

BlackCalvinist/ July 12, 2007/ Edification and Growth, Got Questions ?/ 0 comments

(*waiting on the tech guys to do their thing with the new server….. in the meantime….*) Over on HCR, someone asked me this question: How much time do you study on avergage & how do you study? Meaning do you have a structured style or are you study by topics of interest or both? Never really wrote it down as

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