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28 Years Old On The 19th…. The more things change….

I ran across a post in a FB group I participate in (not a Christian group, but it is a group to promote men being good husbands). Every month and a half, someone will post a silly already-disproven-decades-ago assertion about the Bible.

I was encouraged to see someone else in the group respond today with references to Michael Kruger’s book on Canonicity as well as an F.F. Bruce reference.  I dropped off my usual “Read Geisler and Nix” comment, hoping to point folks to good literature on the subject. I included an archived article from this site (no longer on the site, but I’ll get it back up eventually) that I wrote back in 99 and revised in 04 with corrections.

Sheesh. Time flies.

I’ve become aware in a few recent convos that there’s been some advances in NT (and OT) studies, especially on transmission, canonicity, and antiquity (and it’s all been moving in the direction conservative theologians have been arguing for….even among liberal theologians, though they would say “oh, it was written early, but it didn’t happen”).

In the process, I also found an article from exactly 14 years ago today (2010) mentioning how this site quietly turned 14 years old on 1/19/10.  Welp, here we are again. The site’s now 28 years old as of the 19th.

I’m probably going to blow it up and repost all of the ‘good’ old things along with the newer things. I’ve noticed a lot lately that folks are getting caught up in ‘old errors’ that were new 20 years ago (e.g. The Federal Vision coming back like shingles…).  Perhaps…just perhaps… all of us ain’t doing a good job training up folks and passing on truth.

I’m part of the problem too.

I’ve been moving slowly at it – a podcast here and there, a long twitter thread, etc… but I’d love to be back to regularly blogging, writing, and so on.  But God has me busy with other things (music composition, teaching and semi-raising other people’s children, etc…).

All in good time according to God’s will, I suppose.  But I’m still here.

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