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Welcome to version 5.0 of Theologically Correct dot Com.    If this is your first visit, you’re blessed.  Everyone else has had to deal with me constantly tweaking the site to get it to look better and function better.  Always looking for some better solution to convey content and the gospel message. Smile
Well, it looks like the solution has arrived.

All of the old files (plus a few new ones) are here.   Be sure to subscribe to the feed to the site that will keep you up-to-date as soon as new articles, news or anything else is added.

That link is here: 

Cut and paste it into your bookmarks or add it to your normal RSS feeds.

Expect more frequent news, more frequent updates, more new articles and material on the site…. just expect more!  As the Lord gives me strength, I’ll be writing about as frequently as a busy month on my personal blog.

Let me also put in a quick plug for No Other Gods – look at the line-up, look at the price and think about it.

Go register.   You miss this conference, you’ll be kicking yourself when the JW’s and Mormons hit your front door on Saturday morning and your co-worker tells you that Jesus died spiritually and misquotes 2 Cor. 5 to prove it. And you’ll wish you were there when your wiccan co-worker stumps you with the ‘why should I believe the Bible’ comment or the ‘but there’s many paths to God’ comment.
Yeah, you know I’m right.   Yep, Yep The link is up top on the right.

And now, I’m off to sleep.  Church in a few hours.  Comments are open, feel free to leave some!

God bless!

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  1. May I link to your “Jesus Was A Man, Not God” audio?


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