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New Series: The Holy Trinity: How Should We Rightly Think About God ?

Sup folks!

It’s March and I’m just pulling myself back up out of the places I’ve been buried and hiding.

Starting on Monday, I’ll be posting (in segments) part one of a current Bible Study I’m teaching to a parachurch group I’m associated with (Sound the Alarm Ministries).  The lead organizer of the group has myself and my good friend Derek (you know him as Redeemed on a few message boards) responsible for the teaching and doctrinal aspects of the group (Derek wrote up the doctrinal statement and helped to refine it, for example).

Derek did a marvelous job on the extended lesson he prepared for the group on general and special revelation and the function of the scriptures.  We pray that in working with our brethren, we can all grow up to a stronger grasp of the basic truths of the Christian faith.

So today, I kicked it off with a brief intro the Trinity.

I’ll be posting in segments from the Bible study and possibly recording myself going over the material and posting in video format here and on YouTube.


All starting Monday.

That, and the Thinking Biblically Commentary for the week of the 4th will be posted shortly.  Be on the lookout.

Finally, Christian Soul Food is still very active, but I’m currently posting some of Piper’s material on Romans 9 to the list, so I won’t simply duplicate it here (for now).  But you are more than welcome to visit our Yahoogroup page and subscribe!  If you’ve ever wanted to see/read/hear sound exegesis on Romans 9, Piper’s the man on the subject.

That’s all for now.  Keep me in prayer as all of my grad school work is due 26.5 hours from this very moment.

Grace and Peace,
K. Joel Gilliard

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