YouTube. Trinity. Episode 2.

BlackCalvinist/ May 28, 2007/ Video/ 2 comments

Long awaited Episode 2 on the Holy Trinity. Took forever, but it’s done. Off to catch up on other stuff.  You’ll like this one because I spend time on the Attributes of God.  They become a good basis for what we’ll dig into in the next episode.


  1. I really enjoy your thoughts, including the YouTube videos. One comment, though, about your reference to “modalism” for the use of the Father, Husband, Son analogy of the Trinity. I wonder if you are too zealous in dispatching this analogy. These three “roles” could be construed as three “persona” since they are not necessarily sequential roles, but simultaneous roles for the same individual.

  2. Hi Pastor. Thanks for your comments, but I’m going to have to disagree with you a bit, since the Trinity is not composed of simultaneous roles for the same individual, but different roles for different individuals. Three persons, not one. Do you see ?

    Take care.

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