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A simple message…..

Be thankful.

Specifically….be thankful to GOD.

Be thankful that you are single and not dealing with a mate who defies you and disagrees with you on every question and turn.

Be thankful you are married and not single, so you have a partner to go through life with.

Be thankful that you don’t have a lot of things so that when a fire, thief or robber comes, you don’t have much to lose.

Be thankful that God has given you a lot of things to enjoy during this lifetime as a courtesy of His graciousness.

Be thankful that you have eyes that work right.

Be thankful for glasses to help you see better.

Be thankful for being BLIND, because you’re able to see more about the world around you than some sighted people.

Be thankful for God breaking up that old relationship that you absolutely thought was THE ONE – turns out that the person you wanted to get with wasn’t the best thing for you after all.

Be thankful you couldn’t find your keys for 15 minutes because the accident you drove by would’ve happened exactly when you were passing by this spot 15 minutes ago.

Be thankful for traffic jams. Cars not moving tend to not get in accidents.

Be thankful the Lord called your relative home. Being in glory with Christ is much better than remaining here just because you don’t want them to leave.

Be thankful the Lord put some people in your path to challenge what you believe. It’s His gracious way of leading you into more truth.

Be thankful that you know the truth. It’s His gracious way of keeping you from following those who teach error.

Be thankful for a good church family. You need that support, don’t you ?

Be thankful that the Lord has opened your eyes and led you to part ways with your old church in search of a more solid one. He’s growing you up.

Be thankful for annoying brothers and sisters in Christ. They are tools in the process of sanctification to help you grow more patient.

Be thankful for good relationships in the body of Christ. These are people you get to fellowship with for eternity – and you’re getting a head start.

Be thankful your lights are on. God has given you resources to pay your bills well.

Be thankful your lights got cut off for a week. That kept your computer from getting fried during a power surge that happened the next day.

Be thankful that whether you want to believe it or not, God is absolutely sovereign over all aspects of human history including who gets saved and who doesn’t. Otherwise, you’d have nothing but ‘wishing really hard’ to fall back on when you pray for the salvation of a relative.

Be thankful that God is Sovereign over all aspects of human history and it is He who has kept you to this point in life, and not your own ‘free will’. If you got everything you wanted, you’d be in hell now.

Be thankful for contentment with where you are. And if you’re not….pray for it (1 Tim. 6:6-8).

Grace and Peace.

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