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A Bit o’ Thanks, A Bit o’ Prayer

Hey folks….

I know posts and new articles have been scarce as of late, but work (my secular job) has REALLY picked up.  Alongside of preparation for marriage, it’s left me precious little additional time for anything else.

I’d like to say thanks to all the folk who’ve been wishing me and my fianceé well.  God is good in that He holds back the good things from you until you’re mature enough to appreciate them properly. He also keeps you away from the ‘bad’ things, or rather, things which do NOT work for your ultimate good and His highest glory. So I guess He’s taken away all the bad relationships and made me appreciate the treasure I have in front of me now. 🙂

I’d also like to thank all the great folk who’ve there for me over the years…. not just you who read, but those of you whom I’ve talked to, those who’ve encouraged and those who have rebuked a brother at times when he needed it. 🙂

that said, a bit of prayer for me on a few issues:

– proper handling of finances over the next 18 months….especially going into marriage. Don’t worry – my financeé has seen all three of my credit scores and knows all of my debt.  🙂

– time management. Huge issue with me at the moment…..

– church search.  yes, I said I’m looking for a new church. Moving to a new area, so I’ll need for me and the wife to be settled in a new building well.

– wisdom with regard to my employment and how best to do my job.

Those are the big ones for now.

In the interim, I have an article (a massive one I’ll break into 3-5 parts) on Covenant Theology and the warning passages.   yes, the TBC I promised to come weekly is actually still being filmed (i have about 4-5 episodes done). Just waiting to get a critical mass before releasing them (that and I have some editing to do).

Okay, off to sleep with me.

PS – a new version of the proposal video is coming. 🙂 Sorry for the extended delay.

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