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Militant Atheism Abandoned and ‘Uhhh..DUH. It Didn’t Work.’

First: Peter Hitchens responds to his brother, Christopher:

Second: “Whaddaya mean it’s not working ? But the market research/Barna/Hybels  said….”

Oh yes, it’s true. Your attempts at seeker sensitive youth group with the fun, hip and relevant youth pastor have FAILED.  Reformed folk told you a while ago….PREACH THE GOSPEL AND TEACH YOUR KIDS SOUND DOCTRINE. That’s what they need. Believe it or not…it actually DOES work.

This is just one of the latest bits and pieces of data that show exactly what reformed folk have been criticizing in the seeker movement for the past two decades: attempts at relevance outside of the preached word of God, catechizing your kids and sound doctrine….end up making you irrelevant. The seeker folks have all said ‘do this and fill your church’…well, surprise. If someone else has a better product, your church will empty.   Raise kids on entertainment and morality lessons and you’ll have the world to compete with – and the world’s morality lessons will very easily pull your kids away from yours, since morality lessons divorced from their doctrinal basis end up being a bunch of ‘nice sayings’ that you can take or leave.  Raise your kids on entertainment and they’ll stay…till something more entertaining comes along.  And the world is REALLY GOOD at entertaining kids.

Wake up, people.  Kids don’t stay Christian in college because  you’re not teaching them the Word of God. You’re not teaching them doctrine, you’re not going deep in the scriptures yourself, so your kids are just as shallow as you are.  And when temptation, the world and the devil pop up alongside trials and attacks on the Word of God and the faith….they drop like flies in the path of a flamethrower.  Nice feelings don’t keep you from wandering away from the faith.  Credulity doesn’t keep you wandering away from the faith.  Blind faith doesn’t keep you from wandering away from the faith.

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