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A few blog thoughts…..

I blogged a few days back on my personal blog about the current lack of time I’m dealing with and how it’s made me a bit disappointed in the amount of work I’ve NOT been able to put in on LDM and TCDC.

On Saturday (the day before my birthday), Tim Challies blogged about his consistent blogging streak – 8 years exactly without a day missed. Looking at the blogsphere and how it’s developed over the years, TCDC has been left in the dust quite a bit – I don’t consistently put up new material here like I used to. I have a little bit of envy (in a good way) because that kind of consistency is good and godly.

All in all, yesterday (my birthday – thanks to all those on FB and in person who gave me a call, left  a message,etc….) I had a little reflection time and started to consider how best I could repurpose my time so I can get these ministry things rolling again.  Do I fill ‘every minute of the day’ with something (including writing in time to relax, spend time with my wife, blog, etc….) or do I continue to ‘wing it’ like I’ve been doing ?

As structured as I can be as a band director, I dislike schedules, walls, and limits.  Budgets too.  But maybe these are things I need to work myself personally into as a regular habit of doing.  I think about things that are video worthy and blog worthy – and there are many – but I sometimes think that I may waste time in not actively pursuing and getting them done in a timely fashion.

So maybe over the next 365 days, I’ll spend some time trying to see how consistent I can be with new entries, new videos, etc….

So keep TCDC and LDM in prayer.  And me. 🙂  Let’s see what happens (my guess: I’ll do well for a week of consistent blogging, then more work will pile up and I’ll forget I made this blog post for 3 months….lol).

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