Okay, here’s the announcement….The Gathering is BACK.

BlackCalvinist/ May 10, 2015/ Edification and Growth, The Gathering Podcast

A FEW WEEKS. lol  The Gathering is returning after a four year hiatus. 🙂

Will aka The Apologist had myself, Frank, Mike and Carlos over to Christcentric studios last night to record the newest episode of The Gathering. We talked about Spiritual Gifts (specifically the sign gifts – tongues, prophecy and healing).  You can get a minute and a half sneak-peek here:


We hope that folks would be blessed and built up as well as challenged to think biblically on these topics.

Beautiful group of brethren to be with. Looking forward to more fruitful discussions in the future.

If you have a topic you’d like to see us discuss, e-mail us at GatheringShow@gmail.com. Twitter account coming soon (and we don’t do Twitter arguments….).