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We Moved. Here’s What’s Next…..

Update: Yes, it’s January 2017.  Work has been eating time.  This plan still moves forward…..

Okay, one of my domain names has been transferred over here to the new site (yes, those of you using the shorter URL, you’re hitting the new site now).

I’ll be updating the rest of them shortly – primarily, as soon as I get some of my old images and things off the old site and fix a few broken links and articles over here.

What’s next for TCDC ?

That’s an interesting question.  Here’s a basic answer:

Personal Blog ( will be used for personal reflections and things related to the direct impact of the Christian faith on my life. You know the ‘personal blog’ as Think! Wrestlin’ with Wordz -n- Ideaz.  I’ve been BlackCalvinist on the internet at least since 2004…. the domain name was kind of a natural step in the process.  Still Around. Still Black. Still Reformed. aka Both URLs will work for the same site (the one you’re reading now). 99% of stuff here will be teaching, doctrinal and expository preaching and discussions related to the Christian faith. I’ve always been (since 1993) big on equipping saints to answer questions skeptics and non-Christians throw at them.  The need is still just as great today as it was twenty three years ago when I started this whole thing up as “W.I.T.N.E.S.S. Ministries”.  So we’re going to keep rolling with that…..

Life | Doctrine | Music (  Practical application and commentary of reformed theology to daily life. There’ll be some overlap with this site (TCDC) and LDM. I’m hoping to get a few extra authors to help with LDM (my original plan with it 5 years ago when I first started it up).  Maybe I can even get the message board jump-started again.

So that’s a basic answer.

Now…..I’m off to do some writing. Always some writing.


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