Militant Atheism Abandoned and ‘Uhhh..DUH. It Didn’t Work.’

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First: Peter Hitchens responds to his brother, Christopher: Second: “Whaddaya mean it’s not working ? But the market research/Barna/Hybels  said….” Oh yes, it’s true. Your attempts at seeker sensitive youth group with the fun, hip and relevant youth pastor have FAILED.  Reformed folk told you a while ago….PREACH THE GOSPEL AND TEACH YOUR KIDS SOUND DOCTRINE. That’s what

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Food Choices, Church Choices and Their Effect on Your Body

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I’ve been threatening, gathering, pondering and chunk writing portions of a new series (which, at this rate, will end up as a book) on reasons to leave your current ‘not-heretical-but-not-really-deep-theologically’ church for one that is. My friends and my own life experiences are continually giving me new source material to write and use as illustrations. So you’re at a church

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Q&A Time

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Hey folks! 🙂 I’ll be doing an extended Q&A session over the next few months related to apologetics and theology. So all you folks with questions on different aspects of Christianity (theology, morals and ethics, apparent bible contradictions, logic, etc…)… feel free to drop them off here: . No questions’ ‘too hard’. :)  Truth isn’t afraid of questions. The

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New stuff cookin’…..

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Site’s getting an overhaul soon.  I’m probably going to merge the Study Center in with the main blog and call it a night, since WP does everything I need anyway.  In addition, I’ll be adding new sections.  A LOT of new sections to the site. A little warning.  🙂

Quiet as kept….TCDC turned 14 on the 19th.

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I don’t make a huge fuss about it, but my foray onto having a permanent web presence for Christian apologetics began the weekend of January 19th and 20th, 1996.  I drew a lot of my inspiration from both the ICLnet archives and Glenn Miller’s Christian Thinktank on how I was going to do things.  Of course, the site originally went

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