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Pat Robertson is an idiot.

He might be a Christian, but he’s an idiot.  I’m glad Keith Olbermann verbally ripped him and Limbaugh to shreds.  He’s a horrid representation of Christianity and a blight. His words have done more harm to the cause of Christ than good, to be totally honest.  This includes his string of failed prophecies.

That said…. pray for the folk in Haiti. A few old posts are appropriate right now:

Christianity in Light of a Hurricane (done before I switched to blogging software) –

What does it mean ? –

An old quote from me:

We may never get an answer for 911. We may never get an answer for London. We may never get an answer for the tsunami. We do know that ONE of God’s reasons for such things is to call people to repent (Luke 13:1-5). Stop asking why and start asking why. Not ‘why a tsunami’, but ‘why do I need to repent’ ?

And if you have not done so, please read John Piper’s most excellent Tsunami and Repentance.  Simply replace the word ‘tsunami’ or ‘hurricane’ with ‘2010 Haiti earthquake’ in both Piper’s article and things I’ve written.

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