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Outreach, work, and upcoming podcasts/video….

BlackCalvinist/ May 6, 2007/ New Stuff, Quick News/ 0 comments

Hey folks, Short update.  Yesterday, myself, clayfilms (Yolanda) her brother Jason (Jason718) and Jolene (savedbygracealone) [you might know some of them just from trekking around the internet and seeing their names on message boards] were on the corner of Saratoga and Eutaw St. in downtown B-more…. witnessing, talking with folks, handing out tracts, sharing the gospel. Pray for the city. 

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New Series: The Holy Trinity: How Should We Rightly Think About God ?

BlackCalvinist/ March 4, 2007/ New Stuff, Quick News/ 0 comments

Sup folks! It’s March and I’m just pulling myself back up out of the places I’ve been buried and hiding. Starting on Monday, I’ll be posting (in segments) part one of a current Bible Study I’m teaching to a parachurch group I’m associated with (Sound the Alarm Ministries).  The lead organizer of the group has myself and my good friend

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City of God Drops TODAY!!

BlackCalvinist/ December 5, 2006/ Edification and Growth, New Stuff, Quick News/ 0 comments

The group that keeps cats in their Bibles is back and they are doctrinal as ever! You’ve learned of The Mind of Christ. You’ve joined the Reformation. Now, CHRISTcentric returns with their third group project entitled City of God . This project provides a crystal-clear lyrically guided tour through both present and future realities for the believer as a citizen

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BlackCalvinist/ June 25, 2006/ New Stuff, Quick News/ 1 comments

Welcome to version 5.0 of Theologically Correct dot Com.    If this is your first visit, you’re blessed.  Everyone else has had to deal with me constantly tweaking the site to get it to look better and function better.  Always looking for some better solution to convey content and the gospel message. Well, it looks like the solution has arrived. All

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